On this very special edition of the show we’re joined by our good friend, the lovely Vika De Giorgi. Anyone involved with weightlifting in the UK will know Vika for the wonderful work she does developing young lifters in the North East of England through her club “Raise the Bar.” Vika has a fascinating story to tell regarding her life journey with weightlifting including being one of the few people living in the UK to have lived and breathed the Russian system whilst being raised in the former USSR. . Vika has also set out to revolutionise the world of weightlifting technique plates through her PoweЯ discs. In the interview Vika talks about why she wanted to get into this market and the process of taking the product from conception to production.

Also in the interview Vika tells you how you can get an exclusive 10% discount on all PoweЯ discs if you’re a Weightlifting World Podcast listener.

For more information on PoweЯ discs please the Website https://www.powerdiscs.co.uk/bumper-plates/  :